неделя, 17 март 2013 г.

The solution for the puzzle from the previous week is Bd4!

Here is the puzzle for this week:

1B4n1/8/1P3pNR/5Pbn/3k4/p4PPN/2Q2PB1/R2K3b w - - 0 1

White to move, mate in two

Happy solving!

People who solved it correctly (received email from them):
1. Dimitar Raev

2 коментара:

  1. Hey, I'm having trouble understanding one of the solutions you posted on StackOverflow. Sorry for writing here but I don't have an account on SO. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2631726/how-to-determine-the-longest-increasing-subsequence-using-dynamic-programming

    Can you explain the construction of parent array in detail?

  2. Are you asking about the first or second algorithm?